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Author Topic: Trismegustis: A Characters Study  (Read 547 times)
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« on: January 03, 2008, 03:56:56 AM »

== General ==

Name: Clumsy Robot CR-Z5i31-R66y

Alias: Z5i31, Zeefive

Constructed June 13th, 205X

Birth Place: 23rd Basement Level, Stonehenge, Winters, EarthBound, Nexus orbit, Videoland.

Hometown: Gilroy, CA, United States of America, North America, Earth.

Race: Robot

Gender: Neuter due to the fact he is a robot, but identifies with male gender.

Height: 3"1'

Weight: 200 LB

== Background ==

Z5i31 was constructed originally as a defensive robot drone on the command of Giygas, for his attempt to take over the world of EarthBound. After his original creation, he was officially activated and assigned a sentry position in Fourside. He did not serve in this positon for long, however, before he was deactivated, his memory erased and, for reasons still unknown, cast into a parallel dimension... that of our Earth.

Family Background: Z5i31 is a member of the Clumsy Robot design, and the CR-Z5i31 series. As the first of this series was CR-Z5i31-R01a, it is safe to assume that there are a number of units that Z5 could be related to... There's no telling, however, how many are still alive.

History: A memory-erased Z5i31, after several years of living on Earth with no idea of his original life, world, or identity, forced open a transdimensional gateway known as the Ultimate Warp Zone along with a pair of roommates. This transported him into the dimension known as Videoland where, among other things, he began fighting a presence that he and his friends referred to as the Eater of Worlds. He travelled extensively through parallel worlds, as well as eventually using a modified DeLorean time machine (Stolen, yes, from an alternate world which resembled the Back to the Future series immediately before this world was destroyed) to attempt time travel.

Z5 and his friends eventually made it to the world of EarthBound, where he was able to reacquaint himself with the rest of his Series, and rediscover his past. Unfortunately, he and his friends were separated when the Eater of Worlds attempted to enter EarthBound, and Z5i31 only barely escaped into....

== Psychology ==

Personality: Outgoing, funloving.

Likes: Explosions, girls, the sensation of efficiency and effectiveness.

Dislikes: The sensation of being unable to affect a situation, penguins.

Goals: To save Videoland or any other world, he's not picky.

Life's Ambition: To have fun and be happy.

Fears: The Imperial Penguin Armada taking over the Earth, losing control, being shut down.

Crippling Fear: Losing his personality and becoming a mindless drone.

Least Outspoken About: Pharmicology.

Most Outspoken About: Blowing Things Up

Vernacular: Fairly informal, tending to 1980s-late-1990s Earth slang.

Mannerisms: In combat often falls to reapply a bandage or stops to eat a sandwich.

Psychological Condition: Sane?

Aptitudes: Combat, dodging, quick calculations and blowing things up.

Superstitions: 29A is the number of the beast.

Morals: Uh... Yes. Yes, he has them.

As a Clumsy Robot unit, Z5i31 is programmed largely for combat situations. He is driven by a matter-to-energy conversion core which operates by converting carbon atoms into energy in a pure form. This carbon is obtained by consuming carbon-based items, such as carbon dioxyde gas and most normal foodstuffs. The remaining component elements are often used to replicate the rockets that Z5 fires from his chest cavity, though when the elements can not be converted into rockets, they have to be extruded somehow.

On the ends of Z5i31's arms and legs, which are noticably handless, he has small gravitic modulation drives, allowing him to finely manipulate objects within a certain distance from his limbs. This also allows him to glide slightly above ground and, through the boosting of this antigravitic force in his legs, to jump high enough to leap entire convenience stores in a single bound or run up the sides of buildings.

Z5i31 has an on/off switch between his head and body. It could be flipped if someone were behind him.

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« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2008, 05:42:20 PM »


    * Name: Tron.EXE Release version 1.5.7
    * Alias: Tron.EXE
    * Age: 2X
    * Birthdate: July 9, 198X
    * Birth Place: The Arpanet


    * Gender: Male
    * Height: 6’0, relative to things in cyberspace.
    * Weight: Negligible.
    * Build: Athletic
    * Eyes: Backlit Blue
    * Skin: Whiter than white.
    * Handedness: Ambidextrous
A Picture, you say? Then a picture it is!


Tron.EXE was among the very first sentient programs to be created. Written by a team of programmers including Dr. Tadashi Hikari and Dr. Wily, he was the precursor to the NetNavi project, intended to be a fully autonomous artificial intelligence. Originally intended to be the artificial intelligence of an autonomous android, the project was jokingly referred to as the “Robot Master” project. When Tadashi Hikari’s concept of focusing on network AIs became more popular, and when Wily’s suggestion of android life forms was vetoed, the program was converted nearly from the ground up to function in a digitally realized cyberworld. Tron was redesigned primarily for system security purposes, and for a time managed capably as the first antivirus program.
Creating an autonomous sentient program required an immense amount of programming and neural network scripting, and every day, a new batch of glitches in the mind of Tron would have to be corrected by the team of programmers. Furthermore, running fully sentient programs in an ordinary system required an immense amount of resources. Before Tron’s second full release, the project was scrapped in favor of NetOp-operated NetNavis.

Despite the resource requirement, doctor Hikari and a few other programmers continued working on Tron, managing to correct many of the errors in the neural network. Finally, at a failed dinner party (Which is why computer scientists shouldn’t have dinner parties), Dr. Tadashi Hikari and Dr. Wily entered a neural-scan laboratory and proceeded to construct a neural network based on a combination of their own brains.

The NetNavi project skyrocketed, as real data about artificial intelligence programming based on the Doctors became more feasible. Dr. Hikari, however, used Tron among the NetNavi programs he was attempting to make technologically feasible. Thus, Tron’s preexisting AI was supplemented with humanoid Neural Networks. The program was kept running in the system for a number of years, but in 199X it was shut down as NetNavi virus protection was preferred by the staff.


    * Personality: Tron is by and large a protector at heart. He is courageous and valiant, almost to a fault. Ever since he was first written, he has been bound to the concept of duty.
    * Goals and Ambitions: To Mend and Defend
    * Fears: The End of Days.
    * Most Outspoken About: Viruses and hackers.
    * Vernacular: Tron speaks fairly normally, though occasionally using terminology from computers circa 198X.
    * Psychological Condition: Sane?
    * Morals: Protect programs less capable than oneself. Always try to heal corrupted programs before deleting.
    * Positive Characteristics: Highly moral, highly dependable, independently intelligent and, most importantly, adaptable.
    * Negative Characteristics: A little caught in the past, maybe. He’s not the most technologically advanced being out there.

Tron.EXE has at his disposal a subroutine known as the “Interrupt Disagreeable Entity” or “IDEntity” subroutine, which in cyberspace takes the form of a discus. When thrown, it can do energy damage to the target, similar to the Buster system. It also functions as a rudimentary shield, despite its miniscule size, and can deflect and reflect enemy attacks if used properly. The IDEntity disk can be thrown, but must be reobtained before it can be thrown again, unless Tron.EXE is running in an overclocked system.

Tron.EXE is also surprisingly agile for an old program.

Now you're playing with power!
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