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Author Topic: Command and Conquer- now truly down the drain.  (Read 732 times)
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2011.. Yeah I got nothing.

« on: August 16, 2012, 11:08:29 AM »

After Command and Conquer 4's release of immeasurable FAIL, EA has gone off and said Command and Conquer would get some time off.

And then later, promised us a grand reboot of Command and Conquer. I was personally sceptic, as C&C has.. degraded ever since EA picked it up.

Even later, a sequal to Generals was announced in the form of, well, Generals 2.

What could EA possibly ruin about their OWN title in the series? A sequal to their OWN game.. surely nothing could go wrong?

C&C is evolving into free Online Experience
Posted by EA_CIRE, 15 Aug 2012

The Command & Conquer franchise was always a place to drive innovation for strategy fans around the world. For many, Command & Conquer is the symbol as the inventor and driver of the RTS genre as we know it today.

While the world of gaming is changing rapidly, the RTS genre itself hasn’t changed that much at all. But this will change soon, with Command & Conquer leading the world of gaming into a new era. We’re proud to announce the evolution of Generals 2 towards the new Command & Conquer online game that will bring players around the world a high quality AAA Real Time Strategy experience! This new experience will start with the content we’ve built for Generals 2, brought to a never before seen visual level powered by Frostbite 2 - High Octane Action - For Free.


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