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Author Topic: Chapter 1 - Introductions  (Read 232 times)
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Chapter 1 - Introductions
Part 1: Meeting the group

“Hello there! You might be wondering what you’re watching right now, aint ya? Well, if you’re watching this, you somehow got into the archives Duane set up for us. This’d mean either his security is getting crummy,” “Watch it, Mick..” “or something happened to us and you’re watching this after some kind of disaster. For our sakes, it had better be the first.” “Like anyone can defeat my burning rage!” “Oh, do shut up Mike… Anyway, please ignore the voices of the idiots behind me, and let me begin with telling our story. Since this is a recording, we’ve included viewing material, provided we have any of the moment.”

“Let me introduce us first. My name is Mick. I carry the element of Earth. It is the weakest of the elements, but it’s results are immense power. While I have unfortunately little control over Earth itself, I am the strongest in Melee fights.”

“Yeah, yeah, now get out of the spotlights. I’m Mike, or well, Michael. I am the one they call the Blazing Fury! The Firey Vulcano! The Hot-“ “head fool? Get on with your introduction, Mike. Don’t praise yourself as if you’re a god.” “Blah. Well, I carry the Fire. I am the strongest of the elements, and I shall burn everything to a crisp, if they’re in my way.” “Yeah, but you suck at hand to hand fighting.” “Okay, that’s it Mick, you’re going DOWN!”

“Ho, boy, there goes another table. Those two are always fighting. I’m Duane. I’m the lightning fast carrier of the electricity… Okay, I simply hold the power of the thunder. I can shock anything, I can go through electricity as if it’s a tunnel, I am basically electricity itself. Before you go compare me to Enel, let me remind you he’s a friggin’ fictional character, mmkay? Sides, he wasn’t that strong. If something of rubber would face me, I’d still shock it. Heh.”

“Duane, you’re just as bad as they are. Oh well. I’m Chris, and I hold the power of the Shadows. Before you’re starting to complain about me being too overpowered and stupidly carry all the other elements, please do hold your tongue. I am not like that silly Magus from Chrono Trigger. Yeah, I’m updated on games.” “Yeaaah, what about the fact that game was on the SNES?” “Duane. Can it. Anyway, I basically have Necromantic powers, and carry black magic. I can also become a shadow myself, and even release my spirit, WITHOUT leaving behind my body. I’m not stupid. I mean, in some video games, heroes can leave their bodies behind, but do they even know that their enemies can easily destroy their bodies? Nooo, they never think of that.”

“Chris. Please. Stop. Enough information. You’re completely robbing me from my introduction time. Hi! I’m-“ “TAKE THIS YOU BURNED UP CANDLE!” “OH, THAT’S IT, I’M GONNA CRACK YOU ROCKFACE!” “…Gah! I’m gonna KILL those two if they stop this nonsense!.. AQUA TIDALWAVE!” “…OH CRAP! RUN!” “MEEP! I’LL BE DOUSED!” “As I WAS SAYING, I’m Joanna. I carry the element of water. I guess I’m the weakest of fighters here, but hey, I’m still the Water Element source.”

“Smooth one Jo! You just blurted out something which I had planned for a later video.” “Wait, you were serious? And here I thought everybody was mostly screwing up their introductions anyway.” “..Eeeeeeeh… right. Now please shut up, and let Mick continue. He picked the shortest straw, so he’s the one who’s gotta go explaining our little story.” “Whatever. Mick, get over here or I’ll MAKE you get over here.” “Yeah, yeah, don’t get your-“ “Finish that and we have one less team member.” “Right. O-kay.”

“Back to the story, I guess. First off, let me tell you something about elements, and how people are able to use them. Our elements are from ancient times. Everybody has had elements in their bodies since the beginning of times. Nobody has ever found out, nor has anybody been able to use them. But y’know, there’s the obvious hints that nobody pays attention to. Like children being able to swim despite never being in the water before, or people giving off static electricity more often than others. Or those who can put out a fire without ever burning themselves. Or who feel dead people wandering around them.” “Get to the point or there will be a dead person in our group.” “Wouldya cut that out, Jo? Seriously.. Anyway. You’re probably not gonna believe what I’m about to tell you next, but I swear it’s NOT a made up story. This happened.”

“Coincidentally, we were in the same school ages ago. We didn’t know nor remember this entire event until later, but in a nutshell, we went on excursion, aliens came and unlocked our elements.” “Good way of skipping Mick, but whoever’s watching this is probably interested more in what EXACTLY happened. As Mick said, we went on an excursion as kids with our school. Obviously, the four of us ran off, and Jo pretty much followed us to ‘tell on us’ later on. We stopped at what seemed an empty field of grass, and well, that was it. We were all just staring into the air, looking at the clouds, making fun of their shapes and all.. Until suddenly, the clouds stopped moving. Everything stopped. Just the five of us were still moving. At that time, a small what seemed like space ship crash-landed in front of us. It called us inside. We were curious lil’ kids, so ofcourse, we got inside. We pretty much followed the voice to the center of the small ship, where nothing but an egg laid. Bigger than a normal egg, it seemed it could talk to us over some kind of weird way. We later found it is was telepathic.” “You’re boring everybody, Duane.” “Shut up Mick. Anyway, the egg told us that mankind was supposed to have used their elements ages ago, but that nobody thusfar had unlocked it. He unlocked ours, and before we could respond, we all woke up, standing over us an angry teacher.”

“That’s not it though. Since we were little kids, we soon forgot this entire day, and never saw any hints of our powers until some years ago. All of us ended in freak accidents, only to come out unscathed, but with new abilities. We have visuals on those, as Ecx, as what supposed the egg named himself, managed to extract our memories into the computer. Yeah, the egg returned later on. How else would we remember the event as little kids anyway?.. Oh well. We’ll all explain our own stories in due time.” “Yeaaah, Duane, you’re still boring.”

“Mick. Shut up… As you can see and hear, we’re a leeeetle bit hostile towards each other, and we’re all just here at temporarily peace. Let me just say, we’re all at war, and our group of 5 has split into 3 different sections. All bound on ending the war, each with their own ending… It’s strange though, it seems only these small reunions keep us from killing each other, despite that we used to be friends a year ago. I must say archiving these moments for what might happen next is the smartest idea any of us had in the past year, so we can at least look back at times we didn’t want to rip each other’s guts out… Let us now begin telling our stories.”

To Be Continued…

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