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Author Topic: Prelude  (Read 168 times)
Now, also in 'Suppeedi' flavor!
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2011.. Yeah I got nothing.

« on: August 30, 2011, 09:11:48 AM »


In the darkness of the night, a boy runs through back alleys. He is chased by three others, wearing strange uniforms and carrying weapons which seem like straight from the Middle Ages.

“How did I end up in this situation anyway?!..” The boy shouts, and keeps on running, grasping for air. The three men chasing him also seem to be running out of breath.

“CRAP!” He shouts- finding himself in a dead end. He jumps up and kicks against the wall, slowly going up. It seemed like small electric sparks left his feet as they touched the wall. But as the men entered the alley, the sparks disappeared and the boy falls to the floor, scraping his knee along the wall.

He sits on the floor, holding his leg which is bleeding, and he’s obviously in pain.. He tries to get up, but falls down to the floor as he feels an iron flail smashing into his back.

“Argh..! Dammit..!” He grabs the flail as it comes at him a second time, but it does not matter as a mace ends up in his stomach. He puts his arms around him. He is in pain, but has no choice in the matter. The third men carries a sword.

“Death to those with an element!” The man cries, and he raises his sword, ready to strike. He then brings it down upon the boy…

A sound of metal striking metal can be heard, as a young adult stands over the boy, carrying a sword himself, blocked the slash. “Kid, don’t worry. I’ll handle this.”

The sound of the flail swishing through the air is heard, but before it even comes near the target, it is slashed in half and falls on the floor. The young adult goes to the floor and swipes the legs of the attacks, while slashing small devices which hung from their sides. The devices spark a little, before completely dying down. As this happens, a bright yellow light glows from the young adult, and his hands seems to be charged with electricity.

“Thunder.. WAVE!” He waves his hand through the air, from left to right, and as he does an electrical wave appears, bursting against the men, and sending them against a wall.

“..Let’s go Kid, we’ve got to get you to safety.” The young adult reaches out his hand, and the boy takes it. Electricity sparks from the two, as the kid gets on the back of the young adult. He jumps against the wall, kicking up at least ten times as fast as the kid did, and then dashed over the roofs, leaving behind nothing but three men, kept alive by that which they wanted to kill.

“Are you.. the lightning element source?” The kid asks… The young adult smirks, then nods.

“Yeah. I’m Duane, nice to meet ya.” The kid smiles.. and realizes his future is gonna be a lot brighter.

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