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Author Topic: Yavigaru (AtmaWeapon)  (Read 917 times)
Now, also in 'Suppeedi' flavor!
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2011.. Yeah I got nothing.

« on: January 01, 2011, 09:50:02 AM »

-= Yavigaru =-
A muffled sound broke the quiet dark.
The silence returned.
<Am I dreaming?>
The sound began again, longer this time.
<No, I don’t dream…>
Some of the tones began to converge into familiar patterns.  Words.
“…must help us!”
<Has it been another 500 years so soon?>
Another word, this time very clear: “Yavigaru!”
The sleeper was startled by the sudden rushing of a powerful wind.  It soon remembered this was the sound of its own breath.  It was awake.
<Once again, they have come to seek my aid.  Once again they call my name.>
A massive knot on an enormous tree began to roil and soon pulled back to reveal a huge amber-colored crystalline orb.  The crystal pivoted in rapid short movements until finally coming to rest 
A cluster of ancient gnarled pines atop a rocky forested mount came into view, blurry at first but slowly coalescing into the familiar site.  A lone figure stood in the center of a circular stone platform amidst the trees.  The stone was weathered and smooth, but vestiges of etchings in an arcane language could still be made out all over its surface.
The figure jumped back in alarm when he first saw the new movement. “The Eye of Yavigaru!” he blurted.
“Who has awakened Yavigaru from its slumber?” the sleeper asked, its voice impossibly deep, rumbling through the rocks of the mountain.
     “I am Steek, champion of Holtark.  A great evil has descended and threatens the very existence of our world!  As champion, I have been commissioned to find and wake you.  You must give me your power so that I may go and cleanse this world.”
     <So brazen…> Yavigaru thought.  <So insolent.  To think that I must be informed… to demand my power in this way.>
     “I know why you are here,” Yavigaru continued aloud.  “For countless centuries I have warded this world against the evil of which you speak.  Every 500 years the seal binding it fades, and each time I give a portion of my essence to a single warrior so that it may be defeated and safely sealed once again.”
     “Very well, then let us get on with it!”
     “My faith in your kind is dwindling as of late.  As time has moved, more often the one I imbue has gone on to fail in his task so that I must be reawakened to imbue another.”
     “I will not fail!  I am far too powerful to fail!”
     “Laughable.  You do not even know what path is before you.  It matters not if you are a titan or an army of ten thousand.  This evil cannot be contained without my aid.  Relying on your own strength in the final battle will surely result in failure.  I do not take the waste of my life essence lightly.”
     “I did not come here to be lectured and delayed.  Just give me the imbuement and let me be on my journey.”
     “No.  No more will I abide this endless circle of deterioration.  I will end it for all time, and I will end it myself.”
     “What will you do?” the warrior scoffed.  “You are but a tree!”
     “Foolish little one… you will want to leave this place now.”
     The warrior tilted his head in annoyance, but began to shift nervously as a powerful rumbling began deep within the mountain.  Soon it began to quake.  The crystal was once again swallowed by the bark of the tree.  The warrior, now dropping all pretenses of fearlessness, sprinted from the grove and hurled himself wildly down the hillside.  Even as he did, the mountain shook ever more violently.
     As he got to the foot of the mountain, running with all he had left in his body, he felt as if the rocks beneath him were lifting into the air as his feet pushed off of them.  When he got to the point where he thought it safe to turn, he saw that what he had felt was much more than a mere sensation.  The most immense being imaginable now stood before him in the forested valley.  Yavigaru wasn’t a mere tree: Yavigaru was the entire mountain.  Now standing on four impossibly large legs composed of earth, stone and the roots of an ancient forest, with a torso, head and arms roughly proportional to that of a man, the titanic being stretched and breathed deep.  The warrior could just make out the familiar grove of trees and the stone platform at the top of its head.
     Yavigaru’s massive voice boomed through the valley.  “Tell the world the cycle of fear and doom will end forever.  As for my fate, I cannot know how large a sacrifice I must make until the time comes, but I cannot continue on as things have been.”
     With that, Yavigaru began to take massive strides to the north, to the bastion of that nameless malevolence.

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