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Author Topic: Shakes and Fidget - The Game  (Read 798 times)
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« on: June 16, 2010, 03:29:24 PM »

Think BvS, except not.  Instead of ninjas, you have warriors, sorcerers, and scouts.  Instead of quests, you have...well, quests, but you have to wait for your character to finish them as opposed to them being done instantaneously.  Instead of the arena you have...well, an arena, but you get to actually watch your fights play out and don't get rewards other than honor (and gold) from your opponent.  You can create your own custom avatar by selecting from a set of races, mouths, eyes, eyebrows, chins, noses, ears, hair styles, hair colors, and extra features (such as scars, eyepatches, or markings, although this one varies from race to race).  The game has mounts, the quest descriptions are funny, and you can buy equipment from the weapon and magic shops (the weapon shop has armor and weapons, the magic shop has accessories and potions).  All in all, it's kind of like BvS, but very different. 

Here is the link.

Edit:  Also, instead of quests, Shakes and Fidget has dungeons, which are essentially collections of ten increasingly difficult fights with rewards of gold or useful equipment.
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