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Author Topic: RP Thread Idea  (Read 379 times)
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« on: November 24, 2008, 08:54:35 AM »

So I'm winding down Farthest Outpost, and preparing to reboot my brain for a second go around. Outpost was meant to set us up for a second RP, which would be the more focused and grander thread, but as it turned out, going into Outpost I was a bit too aimless.
Anyways, while I come up with a plan and organize my thoughts (mainly making sure I have all my flashbacks planned ahead, so they don't get jumbled up and that there are fewer of them so as not to crowd the RP itself) I wanted to try something different.
I've been messing with some ideas for a character based RP, one that focuses on people more than events. Spend the first several pages establishing characters and relationships, then a short 'quest' type segment to bring it all together.
I actually have more of a purpose for this thread than it sounds, but to keep it interesting and unrestrictive, this would be the basic premise.

An overview of my idea:
It takes place in a distant future of 'my' established reality/universe. The Mages are no more, the Reapers and Ghosts are no more. Humanity is settling into a peacetime after thousands of years of unease and unrest. Racial tension exists between the humans and their former enemies, the Altaricsians, as they try to coexist after the overthrow of the Altaricsian relgious empire and the end of the war.
Every human has the capability for 'magic', and this has become a part of everyday life for the human race, and for the most part, life in the future is much the same as it is today, only spread over a hundred worlds.

My end of the thread would focus on a family living in the suburbs on the planet Persephone, near the trade capital. A single mother raising her three kids, following the kids primarily. I've come up with a short intro which shows the three kids on a holiday afternoon, how they spend their free time.

Others entering the thread would be people living on this world in a fairly normal capacity, beyond that the entire wealth of the human condition available to mold your character. I'm thinking limit the characters to the ages of 10-20 so that they're all 'kids' and are more easily brought together for the thread's 'quest' element.
The quest element (which I am still planning) would probably involve remnants of the old regime of villains attempting something grand and evil, and while the fruits of their plans affect our characters, the villains themselves would not be a part of our story, and they would be handled by heroes not in our thread.

So, questions, commments, who'd be interested in the thread, who wouldn't, character ideas. Anything and everything to help make a good, fun RP thread.

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« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2008, 10:05:58 AM »

Well, just let me know when you start. I'll make myself a new minor character then. ;P

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