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Author Topic: My Navis and other characters  (Read 629 times)
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« on: August 31, 2006, 09:51:26 PM »


Element: Sword
Operator:Carlos (I know he had another name in the RPZ but I decided to change it to mine)
Default weapons: A variable sword, a normal buster, and the magic sword Zac made for him, the Elemental Storm.
(Ill try to make a better one later)


Sun Style

Ill just quote Zac´s post in the RPZ
Attire: Gold and orange armour W/ Orange pants, and gold boots, hair is also gold and orange
Weapon: A shield on a chain that looks like the sun and has curved blades extending out of the sides, I call it Sun's Shield (Reference to Rygar)
Collapsing Nova: Surrounds the enemy with light/fire energy before in all comes smashing into them
Temprature Spike: Anything you touch has it's temprature rapidly increased
Sun wave: Slam your hands on the ground to cause a shockwave of Light/Fire energy
Flaming Tornado Slam: Wrap your Chain Shield around your enemy and pull hard and upwards to make them spin really fast which lights them on fire and sends them flying up until you jerk down sending them smashing into the ground

Mirror Knight Style

Appearance: Looks like Rock with a red and light blue armor and a Mirror Shield on his left hand.

His armor reduces the damage Rock receives so he´ll only receive 3/4 of the damage. When he reflects an enemy on his shield he gains his/her special abilities and attacks, but they´re not as powerful as the original, but they gain the element that the style is using (fire,light,dark,water,etc.).
His shield can also reflect any attack no matter how powerful it is, but it will break after receiving 4 attacks or less depending of the attack, when the shield breaks Rock will return to normal style.

He has the same attacks that in normal style with the element its using, but also has some new attacks.

Reflect Gun:Shoots energy that bounces when it touches something that is not a navi or virus, it has the element the style has.

Deadly Mirrors (I need help with a better name, if anyone has one please tell me so I change it):Surrounds the enemy/enemies with mirrors that have Rock´s image on them and all of them attack.
Ill post Rei´s and Human Rei´s Profiles tomorrow if I have time.
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