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Author Topic: The Origin of Hawkye.EXE and Deety.EXE  (Read 732 times)
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« on: August 09, 2006, 08:01:14 AM »

One day, while at the RPZ, Hawkye begins a conversation with the omnicomputer on his left arm, The Dimensional-Temporal Device, or “DTD”...

“Hey Deet?”

“Yeah, bossman?”

“I gotta problem.”

“NO! A problem? You? Inconcievable! I mean-”

“Okay, sarcasm aside, I really do have a problem, and I think you’re the best person to help.”

“Sure boss, what’s up?”

“Well, this seems like there are more intelligent computer programs here than there are carbon-based life forms.”

“Yes, that would seem to be a fair analysis. There are a lot of the so-called ‘Navis’ in this place.”

“And I happen to be a carbon-based life form.”

“You’re as astute as ever, bossman.”

“But I’d really like to meet these people, or at least be able to interact with them somehow.”

“...I see.”

“So, I was hoping you could help me in that area.”

“Wow...yeah boss, that’s quite the project...stand by.”

Hawkye stood by.

“Okay boss, you know how I keep your battlesuit stored as data when you’re not actively using it?”

"Sure, yeah."

“Well, I can use a similar process to convert YOU into data.”

“Sounds good.”

“But that’s only part of the equation, boss. If I just convert you into data...”

“You’ll be physically left behind as I’m stored within you.”

“All jokes aside bossman, you’re pretty quick for a human.”

“Gee, thanks. So what are our options?”

“Well, there’s only one thing I can think of. I can create a personal version of what the Navis around here refer to as a ‘dimensional area’. I can then link to you personally...”


“You’ve done your homework, bossman. Yes, it would be like a form of reverse Cross-Fusion. Instead of me fusing with you to exist in the ‘real’ world, you would fuse with me to exist in the Navi world.”

“Would there be any problems?”

The DTD laughed.

“You built me better than that, bossman. Don’t worry – I’ll be the same DTD you know and love – I know how much you hate to lose any control of yourself. Our Cross-Fusion will not physically change you or me in any way. You’ll look the same in there as you do out here. Besides...”


The DTD became uncharacteristically silent.

“You’re scaring me, Deety. What is it?”

“Boss, did you ever think that maybe I’d like to interact with the Navis as well?”

A wave of guilt swept over Hawkye. The thought hadn’t occured to him, he had been too preoccupied with the idea of digitizing himself.

“, I’m so sorry...”

“No...boss...It’s not your fault. I’m sorry, I should have brought it up sooner. It’s just that...aside from you, I’ve never really had any friends. I...uh...”

“Yes, Deety?”

“I’ve never quite felt this way before...I belive I feel...desire. I...want...this. that wrong?”

Hawkye sat down. This breakthrough was something he’d always hoped for.

“No. Deety, this is not only not wrong, this is phenominal. Your AI has grown enough to allow you to desire things for yourself. Just...”

The DTD anticipated his next thought and interrupted.

“Don’t worry, bossman. I’m one of the good guys, and loyal to you until the end.”

Hawkye smiled.

“I know. Now, you were saying?”


Hawkye was really listening now. The DTD rarely referred to him so familiarly.

“ have my personality made into a Navi. I...want to have a chance to be, in a sense, corporeal.”

Hawkye was stunned.

“ know the risks involved?”

The DTD laughed.

“What risks? Come now bossman, do you really think I’d ask for this without taking the necessary precautions? I have five backups of my personality in active memory alone. Even if some bastard Navi got in a lucky shot and managed to “delete” me, I’d just reload as one of my backups, create a new backup to replace the one used, and make that Navi sorry he was ever programmed.”

Hawkye chuckled.

“Okay, okay, you’re right. I know you’re smarter than that.”

“You’re damn right. I...wait...does this mean it’s okay?”

“Yes, Deet. Request approved.”

“Thank you, Hawkye...really...”

“So, get on that...and...”

“Don’t worry bossman, I haven’t forgotten you.”

“Thanks, Deet. Hey, I just thought of something...”

“What’s up, bossman?”

“What will you call yourself? I mean, it wouldn’t be proper to be called ‘The DTD’ when all other Navis have names.”

“You know bossman, I’ve always appreciated the fact that you ‘humanize’ me. You’ve never treated me like I was ‘just a machine’. So, I think I’ll use the name you refer to me as. How does ‘Deety_Dee.EXE’ sound? ‘Deety.EXE’ for short?”

“I’m honored, Deet. I think it sounds great.”

“I’ll get on those projects right away, bossman.”

“So how long do you suppose it’ll take? A week or so?”

“Are you kidding me, bossman? I’m an AI that can think for herself, who works at the speed of light and most of all, WANTS to get these things done. These projects will be done by morning.”

Hawkye smiled.

“You’re amazing, Deety.”

“Thanks, Hawkye. You are too.”

“I’ll let you get to work.”

“Talk to you tomorrow, bossman.”


“Goodnight, bossman.”


Name: Hawkye.EXE (Full Filename: DTDNaviFile_000_Hawkye.EXE)
Element: Light/Dark/Electricity
Operator: Not Applicable (Actually a Human).
Creator: Not Applicable (See above).
Appearance: Like Hawkye, except...Navi-ish?
Eyes: Dark brown but can change depending on mood.
Hair: Curly, long and dark brown with a slight reddish tint
Default Weapon: The Sword of Hawkye and twin pistols, Shadow and Substance. Hawkye’s arm does NOT have to change into a sword or buster to wield these.
Special Abilities: Has operator access while inside the ‘net. (Necessary; the physical DTD is on his arm at all times.)
Style Changes: No Data Available.
Type: Light/Dark/Electricity


Name: Deety.EXE (Full Filename: DTDNaviFile_001_Deety_Dee.EXE)
Element: Light/Electricity
Operator: Not Applicable (Fully Independent Sentient Artificial Intelligence).
Creator: Herself
Appearance: A lavender and red Navi with long dark straight hair.
Eyes: Changes depending on mood and current function. Default color is a piercing violet.
Hair: Straight, long and raven colored.
Default Weapon: Advanced hacking tools (who understands how to hack better than a sentient computer?)
Special Abilities: Ability to deep-scan and analyze at the speed of data. Such data is stored in the physical DTD and can be accessed at any time. Although she is an inexperienced fighter, she is a grandmaster hacker and is capable of dismantling data from the inside out. Viruses beware.
Style Changes: No Data Available.
Type: Light/Electricity
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