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Author Topic: My Navi's  (Read 822 times)
I am teh ninja j0
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« on: August 04, 2006, 02:33:13 PM »

Name: Kaze.exe
Element: Wind/Darkness
Operator: Dark Strider
Creator: -unknown-
Appearance: His body is enshrouded under a black cloak though he is tall he appears to have a mysterious aura about him.

Default Weapon: AeroBuster,Magun
Special Abilities: Dark Tornado, Barrier of the Winds, Aero Spear, Shadow Surge, Strike of the Black Wind
His focus is attack and defense, he doesn't need speed. Giving him a high amount of hp but less maneuverability.
Very rarely seen around. He is a mystery to say the least. He barely moves during battle, though he would still barely have a scratch. To some he has been nicknamed "Tank". Though he is cold and stoic in personality, he has been known to help others out when in need. It has been found he is a DS who has taken over the original Kaze's form after his own destructive rampage. He seems regretful about his actions and tries to atone for them though it seems some sins are too heavy a weight to atone for.
Style Changes:
Shadow Apocalypse:
enhancements: Defense and strength, decrease in speed
Perfect Barrier of the Winds: Much Stronger and longer lasting than his usual barrier. The winds are darker and filled with more shadows seeming to hide his form.
Dark Tornado: Much easier to fire he is now able to launch the tornadoes from his hands without need to gather much energy.
Shadow Rain: Like Shadow surge though he uses both hands and launches twin surges into the sky letting 18 beams arc down towards his opponent.
Omega Strike of the Black wind: He leaps up his wings taking him higher as he charges energy around his buster. Diving down at his opponent he uses his speed and slams his buster down at them whether he connects or not it unleashes a blast of dark and wind energy around him swirling around and forming a large tornado which sucks up the opponent if they are close enough and causes a chain of explosions around his opponent.

Type: Fire/Dark
Weapons: Staff
Enhancements: Hp drops but attack and speed are increased
Dark Flare: Consuming a large amount of energy he creates a large powerful explosion of fire and darkness around his enemy.
Hell's Rain: Summons a rain of fire bolts down around his opponent.
Barrier Of Inferno: Creates a barrier of fire around Kaze which can also burn his opponent.
Flame Bolt: Normal buster shot

Dawn Of The Grave:
Type: Dark
Enhancements: Attack and Defense, Speed drops
Weapons: Twin Guns, Metallic Coffin

DeathBlow: Hoisting the Coffin over his shoulder it opens up and launches a rocket towards his opponent.
Bullet Dance: Dropping the Coffin down at his side a small machine gun appears from the front as boosters behind him spin him around launching the bullets in a circle.
Exectutioner's Blood: Charging up he unleashes a flury of shots from both guns as his body moves in a dance like form to dodge attacks.
Chip: O.D. Chip= powers up his guns as well as himself allowing him to attack faster and more accurately though it depletes his energy a lot faster.
Cerebrus O.D.: The coffin splits into two large barrels the back digging into the ground. He slams both guns into the barrels as the fan on back of the coffin spins charging until he launches two large beams from teh barrel which either merge into one huge beam or attack seperately.

Aero Rhapsody:
Picture after Angel Wings Chip
Weapon: Lance
Enhancements: Defense drops but Attack and speed are increased greatly
Type: Wind

Tornado of blades: He holds his lance out in front of him and spin around very fast, then adding wind energy to the mix and he launches a tornado that'll slice up anything sucked into because of the lance blade

Strike of the wind dragon: He charges a large amount of wind energy into his lance and then he throws it at his enemy, as its rocketing towards them the wind energy manifests itself and takes the form of a dragon, the wind Disperses on contact and turns into like a cloud of razor sharp wind

Cyclone Thrust: Charges a great deal of wind energy into the lance Jumping up and then thrusting down at his opponent he creates four tornadoes which swirl and combine into one large tornado which strikes down at his opponent.

Valkyrie Arc: Charges energy into the lance slashing it down and starting a combo of up to 7 attacks with the lance.

Name: Reiko.EXE
Element: Fire
Operator: Dark Strider
Creator: -unknown-
Appearance: Short black hair spiked up. She wears red armor like Kaze. Though without the markings. ((more to come when i can scan the pic ; ; and when i draw it))She looks about 15-16
Eyes: Blue like Kaze's
Hair: Black
Default Weapon: Gauntlets and Greaves of the Phoenix
Special Abilities:Phoenix Rave, Magnum Burst, Burst Flame ((buster shot)), Thousand Needles
Focuses on attack leaving her defense and hp low but she's got some speed
Bio: Believed to be deleted while Kaze was on his rampage, on reason Uriel had been hunting Kaze.She had gone missing lost in the net for a long time. Her memory of Kaze ever being taken over had been deleted in the experience, she searched the net for Kaze, not believe the stories of the destruction he had caused. Won't it be a surprise when Uriel and Kaze find she's alive and well.
Style Changes:
Shadow Strider Style Change:
Type: Dark/Fire

Enhancements: Speed and a small amount of power
Main Weapon: Cypher (a sword with two hilts) the one Strider uses

Designed by her new operator Strider after she was found. This style is completely ninja in a small image of Strider himself. Using the stealth and shadows as a focus as well as extreme speed to boost attacks.

Attacks and Abilities:
Utsusemi: utilizing the shadows she is able to create 5 clones of herself to attack and take attacks for her.
Tonko Ni: put by Strider as Ninja Vanish this allows her to blend into the shadows and attack for a short period of time as long as she can concentrate
Oblivion's Edge:Infusing her blades with shadows uses both blades to launch a series of shadow blades towards her opponent.
Zansei Rouga: Roughly Translated into Demon destroying blade she uses her speed to slice back and forth across the enemy carrying them up before charging her blade with one final slash downward.

Rise Of Fenrir:
Weapon:Claws and fangs
Enhancements: Defense boost
Call Of Fenrir: Letting out a loud howl she summons 4-5 wolf viruses to attack with her
Form of the Wolf God: Allows her to transform into a large Wolf virus

Lupine Crush: Using her energy she forces up large chunks of the ground which aim to slam into her opponent

Blades of the Wolf God: Slashing the air with herclaws she causes beams of energy towards her opponent ((like Clouds Blade beam))

Fleetness of the Wolf: Increasing her speed she makes afterimages of her form as she rushes towards her opponent.

Name: Uriel.exe
Element: Light
Operator: Dark Strider
Creator: -unknown-
Appearance:A silver armored navi with two sets of white wings along his back. Blue eyes and short silver hair spiked.
Default Weapon: Heaven's Wing sword
Special Abilities:Oblivial Demise, Divine Blessing, Imperial Ray, Sacred Edge, Gleaming Blade,
Focusing more on speed and attack that leaves his Hp and defense low..
More sociable then his counterpart Kaze he shows up to help out just about anyone he can. He is known as an Archangel for his four wings. Though his weapon seems heavy he swings the large sword with ease.

And the evil independant crazy navi

Name: Kimera.EXE
Creator: Lucius Ravenguard

Eyes: Silver
Hair Color: Light Blue
Element: Electric/Dark
Weapon: Claw, Integrated Chip folder
Special abilities: System Shock, Shadow Requiem, Livewire Explosion, Shadow Absorption, Exterminating Fist
Likes: Shadows
Hates: Kaze and anyone associated with Kaze

Styles: Chaotic Mind Release
Enhancements: Speed, Attack,Defense
Requiremnets: Low HP

Background: Made by Lucius for the sole purpose of capturing Kaze, he was built with an advanced form of the SHadow Program. Overtime the program has furtherintegrated with his system even becoming another entity in his mind.His mind in chaos from the two beings within it he only has one goal, the capture or deletion of Kaze. The darkness driving him somewhat insane he is both powerful and unpredictable.

H,Kaze:I'm sorry I forgot to introduce may call me this is the time where you get to die..."
I am teh ninja j0
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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2006, 07:04:49 PM »

New Uriel Style!!
Esscene of blade style

Enhancements:attack and speed

Rite of the sword: While in this style sword chips gain a boost in power as well as duration of effect, some gaining enhanced special attacks

Weaponshift: While in this style Uriel's weapon, or weapons may shift taking the shape of another blade in a small moment

Dance of the blades: Summoning five swords which circle his body before bursting into many smaller blades which strike at his opponent in many random directions

Dagger Shot(bustershot):creatingdaggers of light which he then throws at his opponent

Elemental Channel: As well as shift his weapons he is able to channel different elements into the blades to cancel out attacks as well as offensive purposes

 End of Heart. Uriel unleases energy forming several different blades,  which he uses at various times to attack the opponent, (usable after restrictions are released)

H,Kaze:I'm sorry I forgot to introduce may call me this is the time where you get to die..."
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